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Let's create a more inspired world! Over the last 17 years, we've worked on 11,385 projects with 1,125 brands and along the way, we've learned a lot from our talented clients. Innovation Strategy is a place for us to share some of their remarkable innovation tactics, to help you refine your tactics for hunting ideas, refining your insights and creating new products and services that make the world a better place.

Take your game to the next level with our innovation events, our innovation accelerator, our award-winning innovation books and our collection of 4,135 innovation interviews and keynotes.

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Innovation Strategy Interviews

The Importance of Authenticity The Importance of Authenticity

Nigel Hughes, SVP Global Innovation and R&D, Kellogg Company - Believing that food is a “celebration, a language, and even a personal ethos,” Nigel Hughes is the SVP of Global Innovation and R&D at Kellogg Company. Nigel is passionate about...

Organic Team Crowdsourcing Organic Team Crowdsourcing

An Interview with Luke Thomas, Sr. Tech Evangelist, HP - As a Sr. Tech Evangelist at HP, Luke Thomas understands the crucial role consumers play in innovation. In addition to listening to ever-changing consumer needs, Luke relies on another important...

Cross-Functional Innovation Cross-Functional Innovation

David Dombrowski, IDSA, DMI Director, Head of rdpkOPINN at Haleon - Haleon - Led by its purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity, Haleon is a world-class portfolio of category-leading global Consumer Healthcare brands, including Sensodyne, Chapstick,...

Elevating At-Home Culinary Elevating At-Home Culinary

An Interview With Mike Florea, Chef/Culinary Innovation Manager, Kroger - Starting with the innovation team at Kroger, specifically for private label about three years ago, Mike Florea is a Chef/Culinary Innovation Manager at the company. Mike’s focus is on culinary...

Co-Creating With Consumers Co-Creating With Consumers

An Interview with Jamie Wideman, VP, Innovation at Molson Coors - Passionate about understanding her consumers and their unique nuances, Jamie Wideman is the VP, Innovation at Molson Coors. In addition to leading a diverse team at Molson Coors, Jamie shares how...

The Kitchen of the Future The Kitchen of the Future

An Interview with John Adler, VP of Culinary at Blue Apron - With an impressive resume that includes “time in the kitchens at Per Se and Blue Hill Stone barns,” and “8 years at Franny’s, a beloved Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, where he...

Making Clean Beauty Accessible Making Clean Beauty Accessible

An Interview with Rachaelle Rempe, Founder of Auraïha - Recruited by Oregon State University on a soccer scholarship, Rachaelle Rempe left her Canadian hometown to chase her American dream. She then pursued her design aspirations in San Francisco at the...

Prioritizing Eco Apparel Prioritizing Eco Apparel

An Interview with Sinje Lesemann, PARADISED Creative Director & Founder - Born in Germany, Sinje Lesemann’s background is in fashion sales and marketing. She worked as Sales Director in London, Berlin and Los Angeles before moving to New York to launch KOZA, a small...

Celebrating Heritage Celebrating Heritage

An Interview With Pili Ani Founders Rosalina Tan and Mary Jane Tan-Ong - Rosalina Tan (RST) Rosalina Tan has always been a prime mover in the organic farming industry. In her Bicol sojourn, she had a chance encounter with a farmer who sold her a bottle of Pili Oil....

Investing in Sustainability Investing in Sustainability

An Interview with Megan Douglas, Founder of the Organic Skin Co. - A passionate advocate for natural beauty and a healthy blue planet, Megan Douglas is the founder of The Organic Skin Co. and a fifth-generation herbalist and naturopath. This passion is the product...

The Next Generation of Sole Technology The Next Generation of Sole Technology

An Interview with Erika E. Carrero, Founder of Elizee Shoes - An accomplished Silicon Valley executive in operational finance with a love of fashion, Erika Carrero is the Founder, Creative Director, and CEO of Elizée. She identified a gap in the luxury shoe...

How Spontaneity Drives Innovation How Spontaneity Drives Innovation

An Interview with Denise Saad, Founder of French Lime - Sustainable luxury fashion brand French Lime was started by founder and creator Denise Saad. Originally from Mexico, she now lives in Vancouver, Canada and creates avant-garde apparel to empower...

Innovating Without Constraints Innovating Without Constraints

An Interview with Daniela Uribe, Founder of Daniela Uribe - The ardent energy of the Latin culture reflected in glamorous, edgy, and refined designs identifies Daniela Uribe’s signature style. Daniela has made a name for herself by defying traditional...

Making Wellness Sustainable Making Wellness Sustainable

An Interview with Tumi Miller, Founder of ONRU - With prior experience in the renewable energy sector—where she came to understand the importance of sustainability and sustainable business practices—Tumi Miller is the co-founder and...

Redefining Healthy Libations Redefining Healthy Libations

An Interview with UN'SWEET Co-Founders Lisa Agerman & Malin Eklund - UN’SWEET wine is a new generation of zero-sugar wines. Transparently labeled, health conscious, and free from unnecessary additives, all of our products are externally lab tested keeping them zero...

Science-Driven Creativity Science-Driven Creativity

An Interview with Dr. Elena Brei, Founder of NuVsio - Dr. Elena Brei is an award-winning PhD researcher from the University of Toronto, Canada. Her doctorate research focused on water purity technology, and spanned the scientific domains of Chemistry,...

Optimizing Passion Projects Optimizing Passion Projects

An Interview w/ Just B Cosmetics Founders Bina Khan & Madiha Chan - Believing that anyone can turn a passion project into a successful business, Bina Khan and Madiha Chan have done just that with Just B Cosmetics, a cosmetics company centered around helping empower...

Filling Market Gaps Filling Market Gaps

An Interview with F.Major Shoes Founders Jen Fessler & Shari Friedman - Creating stylish and comfortable heels for the mature woman, F.Major is a luxury footwear brand that aims to fill a large industry gap. Jen Fessler is a Texas-raised, NJ-based wife, mother of 2,...

How Personal Experience Drives Innovation How Personal Experience Drives Innovation

An Interview with LOOK Organics Founder Caroline Candace - LOOK Organics is a minimal ingredient, certified organic, vegan and cruelty free personal care brand. The brand’s founder Caroline Candace is a CNP and a Registered Orthomolecular Health...

Fostering Team-Wide Creativity Fostering Team-Wide Creativity

An Interview with Gathre Founders Jessica Eraso & Marilee Killpack - As busy moms, Gathre Founders Jessica Eraso and Marilee Killpack create functional and family-friendly products that are also a translation of their unique personal style. (Marilee) I’m a...

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Keynote Speak Courses

Innovation Keynotes from Our Futurists

Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche

New York Times Bestselling Author,
CEO & Top Innovation Keynote Speaker

One of the world’s top innovation keynote speakers, Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times Bestselling author with two bestselling books on chaos, change and disruptive innovation.

Armida Ascano
Armida Ascano

Chief Content Officer
Innovation Facilitator for 100+ Top Brands

One of the most popular keynote speakers on trends, Armida leads Trend Hunter’s content and Futurist Team and is one of our best keynote speakers.

Jonathon Brown
Jonathon Brown

Chief Growth Officer
Interviewed 400+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Growth Officer, Jonathon Brown is an expert in maximizing innovation potential of ambitious companies.

Ady Floyd
Ady Floyd

VP Client Success
Advisor to 50+ Leading Brands

Ady is one of Trend Hunter’s best Research Managers, advising dozens of top brands about innovation strategy, curating and customizing trend research to suit their needs.

Gil Haddi
Gil Haddi

SVP, Client Success
Author of more than 3,000 Trend Articles

Gil Haddi is one of Trend Hunter’s most broadly experienced keynote speakers on Innovation in Retail, with a background that spans trend writing, business innovation, client research and client success.

Jaime Neely
Jaime Neely

Chief Culture Officer
Project Lead for the Innovation Assessment

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Culture Officer, Jaime managed Trend Hunter’s team growth while developing culture programs and innovation assessments for many of the world’s best innovation teams.

Courtney Scharf
Courtney Scharf

Chief Client Officer
Managed 8,000 Custom Trend Projects

Courtney is the founder of Trend Hunter’s Client Research Team, which today has completed more than 8,000 custom trend report and workshop projects for hundreds of the world’s best innovation teams.

Sean Watson
Sean Watson

Director of Special Projects
Interviewed 200+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter's resident tech specialist, Sean has run private keynotes and innovation sessions with brands such as Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, and Google.

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