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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,186 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 331,471 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Let's create a more inspired world! Over the last 18 years, we've worked on 12,364 projects with 1,186 brands and along the way, we've learned a lot from our talented clients. Innovation Strategy is a place for us to share some of their remarkable innovation tactics, to help you refine your tactics for hunting ideas, refining your insights and creating new products and services that make the world a better place.

Take your game to the next level with our innovation events, our innovation accelerator, our award-winning innovation books and our collection of 4,185 innovation interviews and keynotes.

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Nostalgia's Cultural Impact

Nostalgia's Cultural Impact

With a business model that encompasses all aspects of the food and beverage market, PepsiCo is an industry-leading company that understands nostalgia's cultural impact. For Tammy Butterworth, Front End Innovation Lead at PepsiCo, a vision of a brighter and more sustainable future in the food and beverage space drives her and her team's creativity and curiosity.

Co-Creating With Consumers

Co-Creating With Consumers

Passionate about understanding her consumers and their unique nuances, Jamie Wideman is the VP, Innovation at Molson Coors. In addition to leading a diverse team at Molson Coors, Jamie shares how the brand is evolving with the help of multicultural insights and co-creation opportunities with consumers that address unmet needs in the market.

The Importance of Authenticity

The Importance of Authenticity

Believing that food is a "celebration, a language, and even a personal ethos," Nigel Hughes is the SVP of Global Innovation and R&D at Kellogg Company. Nigel is passionate about diversity across his team and globally when it comes to the food system and food access for all.

Cross-Functional Innovation

Cross-Functional Innovation

With over 35 years of experience in consumer product and packaged goods, David Dombrowski founded rdpkOPINN with one goal in mind: to be a world-class R&D packaging function innovating the future of packaging to deliver better everyday health. He is the IDSA, DMI Director and Head of rdpkOPINN at Haleon.

Flavor as an Experience

Flavor as an Experience

A leader in seasonings, spices and flavor development, McCormick helps consumers take culinary experiences to new heights. Specializing in innovation and consumer insights, Lydia Poole is the Director of Consumer & Market Insight at McCormick. Lydia believes that creating a culture of innovation takes love, commitment, and time, and stresses the importance of new learning experiences with her team, even within failure.

Organic Team Crowdsourcing

Organic Team Crowdsourcing

As a Sr. Tech Evangelist at HP, Luke Thomas understands the crucial role consumers play in innovation. In addition to listening to ever-changing consumer needs, Luke relies on another important consumer segment–his own team at HP–to extract organic insights into tomorrow’s next big ideas.

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

With past roles in both product development and loyalty marketing, Kevin Swanson has worked on innovation at Hallmark for over 15 years. Believing in the value of cross-disciplinary innovation teams, Swanson walks us through his ideation process and the rituals he relies on to reset creativity and overcome challenges.

The Value of Consumer Interaction

The Value of Consumer Interaction

In addition to encouraging collaborative innovation as Clearly's CEO, Arnaud Bussieres is also passionate about helping to eliminate poor vision globally -- something Clearly's parent company Essilor has been prioritizing since its inception.



Discover your Innovation Archetype & specific tactics to realize your potential, faster. Plus, see how you and your organization compares to the world's top innovators.

Innovation Strategy Interviews

Humanizing Work Humanizing Work

An Interview with Anna Love, Co-Founder and CEO, Stoked - An entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO at Stoked, Anna Love leads the global design consultancy that is renowned for pushing workplace culture boundaries. Stoked guides Fortune 1000 brands to be...

Addressing Food Industry Challenges Addressing Food Industry Challenges

An Interview with Andre Manuel, General Manager, NotCo Canada - Sustainable food brand NotCo is committed to reinventing the food industry, one delectable bite at a time. Their innovative approach, guided by AI genius Giuseppe, transforms plant-based ingredients...

Leveraging Ethical AI Leveraging Ethical AI

An Interview with Yuki He, CEO of LiveMe - Yuki He serves as the founder and CEO of Liveme, a live broadcasting app that debuted in April 2016 in the US. It has consistently held the top position in social charts on Google Play and Apple&#...

Embracing Unexpected Opportunities Embracing Unexpected Opportunities

An Interview with Steven McKinney, Senior Strategic Innovation Manager, Zentis Group - With over 20 years of experience, Steven McKinney is an innovative leader with a unique blend of Project Management, R&D, consumer, and technical expertise. Steven is the Senior Strategic...

AI-Driven Skincare AI-Driven Skincare

An Interview with Rachelle Seguin, Chemist and Founder of Omy Laboratoires - Rachelle Seguin, a visionary chemist, and entrepreneur, founded Omy Laboratoires, a certified B-Corp Canadian online personalized skincare company. Through AI integration, Omy has revolutionized...

Innovating Through Play Innovating Through Play

An Interview with Matthieu Rouif, Co-founder and CEO of PhotoRoom - As a fresh Polytechnique and Stanford graduate, Matthieu started working on photo apps 15 years ago. He then created the first mobile apps for ski resorts and co-founded the HeyCrowd app to make...

Science-Backed Innovation Science-Backed Innovation

An Interview with Star Walsh, Associate Director of Skin Health,, Research & Development at Kenvue - An established and passionate R&D leader with 28 years of skincare formulation experience, Star Walsh is the Associate Director of Skin Health, Research & Development at Kenvue. Star is...

Leveraging AI’s Power Leveraging AI’s Power

An Interview with Ross Patrick, Artificial Intelligence Creative, Director, XTRA BOLD - XTRA BOLD specializes in crafting remarkable brand experiences, from packaging to digital interactions, fostering emotional connections with customers. Guiding his team to leverage AI’s ability to...

Empowering Indigenous Communities Empowering Indigenous Communities

An Interview with Mary Jane Oatman, Executive Director, Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association and Indigenous Cannabis Coalition - Mary Jane is the executive director of two Indigenous-led cannabis nonprofits - the Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association and the Indigenous Cannabis Coalition. She is also the editor and...

Uplifting Creative Communities Uplifting Creative Communities

An Interview with Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's In-House Trend Expert, & TV Personality - Dayna Isom Johnson is the in-house Trend Expert for Etsy and a judge on the NBC primetime series ‘Making It’. As part of her role at Etsy, Dayna is responsible for keeping her finger on the...

Revolutionizing eCommerce Apparel Revolutionizing eCommerce Apparel

An Interview With Angela Tucciarone, Head of Corporate, Communications at Shein - In the dynamic intersection of innovation and fashion, Angela Tucciarone Amar emerges as a leading force at Shein, a global fashion e-commerce company. As the head of corporate communications,...

Fostering Grassroots Innovation Fostering Grassroots Innovation

An Interview with Angela Markwald, Associate GM, Omnichannel, Brands at Regal Ware - As a marketing professional and enthusiastic problem solver, Angela Markwald embraces the challenges of bringing new products to market, developing brand and positioning strategies, and creating a...

Embracing the Metaverse Embracing the Metaverse

An Interview with Shurick Agapitov, CEO, Xsolla - Xsolla is a video game business engine founded by Shurick Agapitov. As the CEO, Agapitov leads a global team that provides developers with the necessary tools and services to succeed in the highly...

Listening to Your Customers Listening to Your Customers

An Interview with Doug Werner, Head of Business Innovation, Amazon, Web Services (AWS) - An experienced leader with a data-driven and strategic mindset, Doug Werner is the Head of Business Innovation at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is adept at incubating and managing businesses for...

Enhancing the Customer Experience Enhancing the Customer Experience

An Interview with Allison Litzinger, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sephora Canada - Allison Litzinger is a seasoned marketing professional known for her expertise in the consumer and retail sectors. She joined Sephora Canada in May of 2022 as the Senior Vice President of Marketing,...

The Future of Fragrance The Future of Fragrance

An Interview with James Fulford, Product Innovator, Marketing, Strategist and Brand Builder with Global Experience Within the Luxury Consumer Goods, Wellness, and Fragrance Industries - James Fulford is a strategically minded and passionate senior marketing professional, with global experience within the luxury consumer goods, wellness, and fragrance industries. As a self-motived...

Revolutionizing Sun Protection Revolutionizing Sun Protection

An Interview with Chad Sweeting, Director of Operations,, Co-Founder and Inventor of SPOTMYU - Growing up in Northern Ontario, in the small town of Penetang, playing hockey like most other Canadian kids, Chad Sweeting harbored a curiosity towards the sciences. Eventually, he attended and...

Empowerment Through Creativity Empowerment Through Creativity

An Interview with Timur Khabirov, Prequel's Co-Founder and CEO - Prequel Inc. embodies the belief that everyone has the potential to be a creator, with software designed to unlock that potential. Whether it’s enhancing photographs, adding artistic filters,...

Developing Endurance Skincare Developing Endurance Skincare

An Interview with Angie Buonassisi, Founder of Lontreau - Like most modern women trying to find balance in a demanding world, Angie Buonassisi doesn’t have time for a complicated skincare routine. She is the Founder of Lontreau and was inspired to...

Innovation Through an Artistic Lens Innovation Through an Artistic Lens

An Interview with Mikel Cirkus, Global Creative Director, Foresight & Trenz, Firmenich - *This interview took place prior to the merger of Firmenich and with DSM, which took place in May With vast experience in concept development, creative problem solving, and branding/design in the...

Innovation Strategy Articles

Editorial Snapshot Editorial Snapshot

The Most Innovative Trends this Week - September 15, 2023 - </b><b>Business innovation is the driving force behind progress and competitiveness in today’s ever-changing business world. It involves continuously generating new ideas,...

Editorial Snapshot Editorial Snapshot

The Most Innovative Trends this Week - September 6, 2023 - In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a beacon of innovation, offering businesses transformative opportunities. From revolutionizing pet care to...

Decoding the AI Revolution Decoding the AI Revolution

Dive Into Trend Hunter's Latest Webinar that Covers the Groundbreaking - In the ever-evolving realm of technology, the AI revolution stands out as a transformative force reshaping industries, societies, and individual lives. Trend Hunter, a leading voice in identifying...

Editorial SnapShot Editorial SnapShot

The Most Innovative Trends this Week - August 30, 2023 - Amidst an era of unprecedented transformation, where technological leaps, economic dynamics, and climatic shifts converge, we stand witness to a whirlwind of change. We unveil upcoming pivotal...

Legacy Drives Innovation Legacy Drives Innovation

An interview with John Cappella, President & CEO of Porsche Cars Canada - John Cappella has more than 20 years of automotive experience. A Toronto native, Mr. Cappella began his career in the automotive industry with a premium automaker, where he gained experience in...

Editorial Snapshot Editorial Snapshot

The Most Innovative Trends This Week - August 10, 2023 - Staying ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape necessitates more than just keeping pace – it’s about anticipating shifts and embracing emerging currents. In the realm of business,...

Early Bird Future Festival Tickets Early Bird Future Festival Tickets

Unlock Early Bird Savings on Future Festival Tickets - - Embark on a journey to the heart of innovation and foresight this September. From the 26th to 28th, the Future Festival World Summit 2023 is set to morph Toronto into a nucleus of global innovation....

Editorial Snapshot Editorial Snapshot

The Most Innovative Trends This Week - August 3, 2023 - The realm of artificial intelligence is experiencing an unprecedented surge in generative AI, with notable breakthroughs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT leading the charge. Across various industry...

The Evolution of eSports The Evolution of eSports

Trend Hunter's Now Trending Series Dives Into the Dynamic World of eSport - ‘The Evolution of eSports’ is the latest collection of gaming trends, and is presented as part of Trend Hunter’s Now Trending video series. Join us on a captivating journey as we...

The 2024 Trend Report The 2024 Trend Report

Unveiling the Future: TrendHunter's 2024 Trend Report Webinar - If you’re looking to step into the future, Trend Hunter’s latest webinar has you covered. Following the release of our highly anticipated 2024 Trend Report, Trend Hunter also hosted a...

Editorial Snapshot Editorial Snapshot

The Most Innovative Trends This Week - July 7, 2023 - The global workforce is experiencing a profound technological shift, often referred to as the “fourth Industrial Revolution.” There are a number of emerging trends in AI and machine...

The Year A.I. Changes You The Year A.I. Changes You

Embrace the AI Revolution: Future Festival World Summit 2023 - Are you ready to revolutionize your entrepreneurial journey? Join us at Future Festival World Summit 2023, where the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) converges with your...

Future Festival Innovation Conference

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Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche

New York Times Bestselling Author,
CEO & Top Innovation Keynote Speaker

One of the world’s top innovation keynote speakers, Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times Bestselling author with two bestselling books on chaos, change and disruptive innovation.

Armida Ascano
Armida Ascano

Chief Content Officer
Innovation Facilitator for 100+ Top Brands

One of the most popular keynote speakers on trends, Armida leads Trend Hunter’s content and Futurist Team and is one of our best keynote speakers.

Jonathon Brown
Jonathon Brown

Chief Growth Officer
Interviewed 400+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Growth Officer, Jonathon Brown is an expert in maximizing innovation potential of ambitious companies.

Ady Floyd
Ady Floyd

VP Client Success
Advisor to 50+ Leading Brands

Ady is one of Trend Hunter’s best Research Managers, advising dozens of top brands about innovation strategy, curating and customizing trend research to suit their needs.

Gil Cohen
Gil Cohen

SVP, Client Success
Author of more than 3,000 Trend Articles

Gil Cohen is one of Trend Hunter’s most broadly experienced keynote speakers on Innovation in Retail, with a background that spans trend writing, business innovation, client research and client success.

Jaime Neely
Jaime Neely

Chief Culture Officer
Project Lead for the Innovation Assessment

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Culture Officer, Jaime managed Trend Hunter’s team growth while developing culture programs and innovation assessments for many of the world’s best innovation teams.

Courtney Scharf
Courtney Scharf

Chief Client Officer
Managed 8,000 Custom Trend Projects

Courtney is the founder of Trend Hunter’s Client Research Team, which today has completed more than 8,000 custom trend report and workshop projects for hundreds of the world’s best innovation teams.

Sean Watson
Sean Watson

Director of Special Projects
Interviewed 200+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter's resident tech specialist, Sean has run private keynotes and innovation sessions with brands such as Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, and Google.

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