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Discover why 1,167 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 331,340 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Let's create a more inspired world! Over the last 18 years, we've worked on 12,138 projects with 1,167 brands and along the way, we've learned a lot from our talented clients. Innovation Strategy is a place for us to share some of their remarkable innovation tactics, to help you refine your tactics for hunting ideas, refining your insights and creating new products and services that make the world a better place.

Take your game to the next level with our innovation events, our innovation accelerator, our award-winning innovation books and our collection of 4,170 innovation interviews and keynotes.

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Nostalgia's Cultural Impact

Nostalgia's Cultural Impact

With a business model that encompasses all aspects of the food and beverage market, PepsiCo is an industry-leading company that understands nostalgia's cultural impact. For Tammy Butterworth, Front End Innovation Lead at PepsiCo, a vision of a brighter and more sustainable future in the food and beverage space drives her and her team's creativity and curiosity.

Co-Creating With Consumers

Co-Creating With Consumers

Passionate about understanding her consumers and their unique nuances, Jamie Wideman is the VP, Innovation at Molson Coors. In addition to leading a diverse team at Molson Coors, Jamie shares how the brand is evolving with the help of multicultural insights and co-creation opportunities with consumers that address unmet needs in the market.

The Importance of Authenticity

The Importance of Authenticity

Believing that food is a "celebration, a language, and even a personal ethos," Nigel Hughes is the SVP of Global Innovation and R&D at Kellogg Company. Nigel is passionate about diversity across his team and globally when it comes to the food system and food access for all.

Cross-Functional Innovation

Cross-Functional Innovation

With over 35 years of experience in consumer product and packaged goods, David Dombrowski founded rdpkOPINN with one goal in mind: to be a world-class R&D packaging function innovating the future of packaging to deliver better everyday health. He is the IDSA, DMI Director and Head of rdpkOPINN at Haleon.

Flavor as an Experience

Flavor as an Experience

A leader in seasonings, spices and flavor development, McCormick helps consumers take culinary experiences to new heights. Specializing in innovation and consumer insights, Lydia Poole is the Director of Consumer & Market Insight at McCormick. Lydia believes that creating a culture of innovation takes love, commitment, and time, and stresses the importance of new learning experiences with her team, even within failure.

Organic Team Crowdsourcing

Organic Team Crowdsourcing

As a Sr. Tech Evangelist at HP, Luke Thomas understands the crucial role consumers play in innovation. In addition to listening to ever-changing consumer needs, Luke relies on another important consumer segment–his own team at HP–to extract organic insights into tomorrow’s next big ideas.

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

With past roles in both product development and loyalty marketing, Kevin Swanson has worked on innovation at Hallmark for over 15 years. Believing in the value of cross-disciplinary innovation teams, Swanson walks us through his ideation process and the rituals he relies on to reset creativity and overcome challenges.

The Value of Consumer Interaction

The Value of Consumer Interaction

In addition to encouraging collaborative innovation as Clearly's CEO, Arnaud Bussieres is also passionate about helping to eliminate poor vision globally -- something Clearly's parent company Essilor has been prioritizing since its inception.



Discover your Innovation Archetype & specific tactics to realize your potential, faster. Plus, see how you and your organization compares to the world's top innovators.

Innovation Strategy Interviews

Developing Endurance Skincare Developing Endurance Skincare

An Interview with Angie Buonassisi, Founder of Lontreau - Like most modern women trying to find balance in a demanding world, Angie Buonassisi doesn’t have time for a complicated skincare routine. She is the Founder of Lontreau and was inspired to...

Innovation Through an Artistic Lens Innovation Through an Artistic Lens

An Interview with Mikel Cirkus, Global Creative Director,, Foresight & Trenz, Firmenich - *This interview took place prior to the merger of Firmenich and with DSM, which took place in May With vast experience in concept development, creative problem solving, and branding/design in the...

Investing in Sustainable Luxury Investing in Sustainable Luxury

An Interview With Dean Davidson, Canadian Jewelry Designer - Creating timeless jewelry with a global perspective, Dean Davidson is known for careful craftsmanship, hand-cut gemstones, and a signature brushed finish that has become synonymous with the brand....

Leveraging Design Thinking Leveraging Design Thinking

An Interview with Bill Digneit, Director of SISU,, the Innovation Institute at Northern Michigan University - Believing that innovation is about the promise vs. the proven, Bill Digneit is the Director of SISU, the Innovation Institute at Northern Michigan University. Bill and his team rely heavily on...

The Future of Human Capital The Future of Human Capital

An Interview with Phil Harkins, Co-Founder and Chairman, Prossimo Global Partners - A renowned expert in organization development, leadership and executive advising, Phil Harkins has worked with over 800 organizations in 25 countries. These include government agencies, healthcare...

Consumer-Centric Innovation Consumer-Centric Innovation

An Interview with Cuan Hanly, Chief Design Officer at Away - Believing that true innovation is a mindset, Cuan Hanly is the Chief Design Officer at Away, a global lifestyle brand that’s working to transform travel through products and content that inspire...

Skincare as Healthcare Skincare as Healthcare

An Interview with Dr. Courtney Rubin, Co-Founder, and Chief Medical Officer at Fig.1 - Believing that skincare is healthcare, Dr. Courtney Rubin is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Fig.1, a skincare brand focused on creating science-backed formulas that are sustainably...

Transparent Brand Messaging Transparent Brand Messaging

An Interview with Sarah Wagman Ellenbogen, Co-Founder and CEO, Digiphy - Helping brands transparently communicate their product origins through elements like connected and traceable packaging, Digiphy was born out Co-Founder and CEO Sarah (Wagman) Ellenbogen’s own...

The Fintech Evolution The Fintech Evolution

An Interview with Robert Madej, CEO and Founder of PureFacts - From giving financial advisors more access to data visualization tools to helping improve client retention rates, recent advancements in AI technology are transforming the fintech industry. Robert...

Music as a Centerpiece Music as a Centerpiece

An Interview w/ Jeff Derderian, VP, Product Program Leadership, Sonos - With vast experience as a Product Development Leader across consumer electronics, government R&D and medical industries, Jeff Derderian is one of the brains behind Sonos’ newest range of high-...

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Cross-Disciplinary Innovation

An Interview with Kevin Swanson, Innovation Leader - Global Innovation, Hallmark - With past roles in both product development and loyalty marketing, Kevin Swanson has worked on innovation at Hallmark for over 15 years. Believing in the value of cross-disciplinary innovation teams,...

The Value of Collaborative Ideation The Value of Collaborative Ideation

An Interview with Elizabeth McCall, Master Distiller, Woodford Reserve - Woodford Reserve’s recent Winter 2022 Master’s Collection - Historic Barrel Entry release features “newly-distilled whiskey that went into the barrel at 100 proof - how bourbon was...

The Importance of Demand Signals The Importance of Demand Signals

An Interview with Kate Pomeroy, Head of Innovation, North America at Pernod Ricard - Demand signals are all around us and help predict consumer behavior. For Kate Pomeroy, the Head of Innovation, North America at Pernod Ricard, paying attention to demand signals is the key to truly...

Being an Advocate for Change Being an Advocate for Change

An Interview with Melanie Nuce-Hilton, SVP of Innovation & Partnerships, GS1 US - GS1 US®, a member of GS1 global, is a not-for-profit information standards organization that facilitates industry collaboration to help improve supply chain visibility and efficiency through the...

Nurturing Your Culture Nurturing Your Culture

An Interview with Lee Valley President and COO Jason Tasse - After joining Lee Valley Tools 26 years ago as a seasonal picker/packer, Jason Tasse proved that hard work, work ethic, and a good attitude are the winning pillars for long-term success. Jason is...

Choosing Sustainable Materials Choosing Sustainable Materials

An Interview with Parachute Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye - With past experience in fashion and advertising, Ariel Kaye transformed her passion for interior design into a multimillion dollar business. The CEO of Parachute has built the brand into a household...

Driving Growth in Canadian SMB Driving Growth in Canadian SMB

An Interview With Natasha Walji, Managing Director at Google Canada - With a mission to help small and medium businesses grow, reach new customers, and build out their online presence, Natasha Walji is the Managing Director at Google Canada. Having been raised by two...

People-Centric Innovation People-Centric Innovation

Jeff Mocha, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, OEC x Keynote - Believing that the best innovation comes from collaboration across all levels of an organization, Jeff Mocha empowers his team to work together as a tight-knit community. Jeff is the Chief...

Making Magic Happen Making Magic Happen

Normand Latourelle, Creator of Illumi & Cavalia, Founder, Cirque du Soleil - Believing that pure creation tells its own organic story, Normand Latourelle is one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil and the creator of Cavalia, the world’s first artistic horse-themed show...

Committing to Sustainability Committing to Sustainability

An Interview With Allbirds CEO and Co-Founder Tim Brown - Understanding that sustainability in the footwear industry is a long-term commitment and an ever-changing process, Tim Brown is the CEO and co-founder of Allbirds. The San Francisco-based brand’...

Innovation Strategy Articles

Editorial SnapShot Editorial SnapShot

The Most Innovative Trends this Week - The impact of artificial intelligence is reverberating across all industries, as an increasing number of businesses recognize its remarkable capabilities and harness its power to enhance task...

Revolutionary Travel Revolutionary Travel

Now Trending by Trend Hunter Spotlights Top Trends in Travel - As a result of the recent pandemic, the travel industry has undergone some significant changes, and businesses are now facing more demanding consumers. Consumers are not only craving escapism, but...

The Future of Work The Future of Work

Trend Hunter's Now Trending Series Explores the Changing Priorities of - The pandemic brought about a shift in the way both employees and employers view remote work, as it highlighted the importance of work-life balance. With remote or hybrid working models becoming the...

TH 101: How to Innovate Through Chaos Webinar TH 101: How to Innovate Through Chaos Webinar

Learning to Unlock Overlooked Opportunities During - Trend Hunter’s recent TH 101 - How to Innovate Through Chaos webinar outlines how to effectively adapt to disruption and spot overlooked opportunities during challenging times. In the midst of...

Sustainability Redefined Webinar Sustainability Redefined Webinar

An Eco Trend Report Walkthrough by Alisha Ellis, Senior Client - In our evolving world, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic and a growing priority for consumers. With changing consumer attitudes, eco transparency is more crucial than ever...

New York Innovation Event 2023 New York Innovation Event 2023

Trend Hunter's 2023 Future Festival Tour Concludes at NYC - Trend Hunter’s New York Innovation Conference is scheduled to take place on June 21st. The conference will feature a stacked lineup with experienced futurist speakers, and none other than...

Wellness Evolution Wellness Evolution

Discussing Trends & Insights Webinar - Hosted by Courtney Scharf, Chief Client - The wellness industry has experienced a remarkable shift in recent years, with a greater emphasis on holistic health and well-being practices that go beyond physical health and self-care. To shed...

Future Festival Spring Promotion Future Festival Spring Promotion

Get Access to 2-for-1 Ticket Pricing For a Limited Time - Organized by Trend Hunter, the 2023 Future Festival tour offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking inspiration and networking opportunities with business leaders within their industry and...

Understanding Gen X Understanding Gen X

Armida Ascano Explores Gen X in this Innovation eLearning Series - As the forgotten generation, Generation X often gets overlooked, despite being born between two large, highly discussed generations. The third Micro-Generations Matrix module at Trend Hunter focuses...

Understanding Baby Boomers Understanding Baby Boomers

Armida Ascano Dives into the Differences Between Boomer Generations - Did you know that generational categories like Gen Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers only scratch the surface of the true characteristics of each generation? In an era marked by rapid transformation...

Understanding Micro-Generations Understanding Micro-Generations

This Module Dives Into the Different Sub-Groups of Generations - In today’s world, generational categorization has been around for a long time. However, to truly understand each generation, macro categorizations, such as Gen Z, Gen X, or Millennials only...

Understanding Gen Z Desires Understanding Gen Z Desires

Trend Hunter's Innovation eLearning Series Explores Gen Z Desires - Generation Z is not your average group of youngsters; they are the digitally dexterous demographic that has grown up in a world where technology is more than just a gadget, but a way of life. As the...

Future Festival Innovation Conference

Innovation Keynotes from Our Futurists

Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche

New York Times Bestselling Author,
CEO & Top Innovation Keynote Speaker

One of the world’s top innovation keynote speakers, Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times Bestselling author with two bestselling books on chaos, change and disruptive innovation.

Armida Ascano
Armida Ascano

Chief Content Officer
Innovation Facilitator for 100+ Top Brands

One of the most popular keynote speakers on trends, Armida leads Trend Hunter’s content and Futurist Team and is one of our best keynote speakers.

Jonathon Brown
Jonathon Brown

Chief Growth Officer
Interviewed 400+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Growth Officer, Jonathon Brown is an expert in maximizing innovation potential of ambitious companies.

Ady Floyd
Ady Floyd

VP Client Success
Advisor to 50+ Leading Brands

Ady is one of Trend Hunter’s best Research Managers, advising dozens of top brands about innovation strategy, curating and customizing trend research to suit their needs.

Gil Cohen
Gil Cohen

SVP, Client Success
Author of more than 3,000 Trend Articles

Gil Cohen is one of Trend Hunter’s most broadly experienced keynote speakers on Innovation in Retail, with a background that spans trend writing, business innovation, client research and client success.

Jaime Neely
Jaime Neely

Chief Culture Officer
Project Lead for the Innovation Assessment

As Trend Hunter’s Chief Culture Officer, Jaime managed Trend Hunter’s team growth while developing culture programs and innovation assessments for many of the world’s best innovation teams.

Courtney Scharf
Courtney Scharf

Chief Client Officer
Managed 8,000 Custom Trend Projects

Courtney is the founder of Trend Hunter’s Client Research Team, which today has completed more than 8,000 custom trend report and workshop projects for hundreds of the world’s best innovation teams.

Sean Watson
Sean Watson

Director of Special Projects
Interviewed 200+ CEOs & Innovation Leaders

As Trend Hunter's resident tech specialist, Sean has run private keynotes and innovation sessions with brands such as Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, and Google.

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